about herbs usaThis site is a result of an idea conceived by several herb growers and herbalists that gathered together to visit as friends and colleagues. Through their conversation, they envisioned a website where anyone wishing to purchase American grown herbs could go to find American growers.

It is our hope that this vision be realized and growers as well as consumers will find a mutually beneficial site that includes all types of farms to serve all types of consumers. We choose to serve as many American growers and consumers as possible. We recognize that not all growers wish to be certified organic and not all consumers wish to buy large amounts of herbs. Our belief is that the relationship between the growers and the consumers is primarily the best way to insure the most beneficial end result.

Above all, we want to honor the plants who have been offering their ancient knowledge and healing qualities to us for generations. We hope this site will help to continue the understanding and responsible use of our green allies.