Bio-Dynamic Practices

This category is for those who practice growing using some or all of the concepts drawn from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. Bio-dynamic practices treat soil fertility and plant growth as ecologically interrelated tasks, emphasizing spiritual and mystical perspectives. Bio-dynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming and gardening.

Healing Spirits Herb Farm

Matthias E Reisen

61247 Rt 415 Avoca NY 14809

9:00 - 4:00 Weekdays, Closed Saturday and Sunday

Our 30 acre farm is located in the hamlet of Wallace, near Avoca, in the beautiful Finger Lakes of western New York. The farm is a dream come true for us as it has woods, a wonderful year-round trout stream, and is home to heron, fishers, weasels, hawks, deer, bear, coyotes and a multitude of other creatures. The resident bees are happy to pollinate our organically certified herbs and provide us with great tasting honey and beautiful beeswax.

Our goal has always been to live a simple, gentle, fun-filled life on the land, raising a family in harmony with all of creation. We have been blessed to be caretakers of this land for since 1982, raising our five children here, and now two of our grandchildren live here with their parents and Uncle Bill. We believe by working the land organically and bio-dynamically, being in rhythm with the land, we are able to harvest the very finest quality, high energy medicinal herbs. With these herbs we make teas, tinctures (extracts), salves, creams, infused oils, liniment and flower essences. We take care of the land and the land takes care of us.

The plant world offers us an abundant array of gifts allowing us to take ownership of our own healing. These gifts don’t just apply to our physical selves however, the healing energy of plants also affects our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. Plants have been used for centuries to enhance spirituality and our awareness of our connection to all life. Used properly herbs can become cherished travel companions as you walk your sacred path.

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Olde Thyme Herbal Farm, LLC


North Bend OR 97459

By appointment



Olde Thyme Herbal is a small herbal farm.  Creating custom crafts products in small batches, the old-fashioned way . 

The farm is a healing center and herbal farm that grows, dries, and wildcrafts the Herbs used in Olde Thyme Herbal Teas and in Olde Thyme Herbal Handcrafted: Balms, Salves, Lotions, Oils, and Hydrosols.  Starting in 2019 we are selling dried and fresh herbs, upgrading our website, adding an online store and we are adding our mushroom retaining wall for our “everything mushrooms” – workshops on how to, picking, and eating – Internships

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SpiritWorks Herb Farm


4966 HWY 93 S. Whitefish, MT 59937

Wednesdays 2-7pm, and by appointment


We are located in NW Montana in the Flathead Valley. While our growing season is short, mother nature makes up for it with more hours of daylight.  Our garden goal is to develop a diverse and expanded seasonal organic food source, that has hard to find valuable heirlooms, health boosting foods and near extinct medicinal herbs.  All this with a flavor of functional rustic homesteading that embraces an eye for balance, beauty and whimsy.  We offer an opportunity for learning skills needed for homesteading, agricultural projects, and building health using materials that are available or can easily and inexpensively be found or recycled – embracing the value of “Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without.”

Our ten acre property is surrounded on two sides by forest land and is about midway between the village of  Whitefish and downtown Kalispell, Montana.  Glacier National Park is 30 minutes away.  The Outdoor Recreational and Cultural Opportunities here are awesome!

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Whispering Elm Farm


27017 Waverly Road, Paola, KS 66071, USA

by appointment



We are a small, family farm specializing in organically grown medicinal herbs and elderberries.  We have dried herbs, tinctures and oils available and the elderberries are available destemmed and frozen.  For those closer to Kansas City, we do teach herbal and natural health classes!

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